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This is a cage-free egg farm. This supplier would be allowed to also call this farm “humanely raised” and depending on the feed, call it organic. Does it look humane to you? Does it look like they have any more space than a battery cage? They’re still debeaked. Still de-toed. The males are still ground up alive! And they’re still slaughtered. So what could possibly make this “humane”? That’s right, nothing.

This is so important. The “free range” myth is a marketing scheme!

Here’s your precious “free range” farm. Such a crock of shit if you believe it’s any more humane.

Please join my campaign against ZARA for selling angora rabbit fur. I need your help in leaving posts on their Facebook page, tweeting at them, emailing them. And find me on Facebook to join the event: Phoebe Go-Vegan Frampton. Thank you ❤

could my little girl get any cuter?

Think riding an elephant will be a fun holiday experience?   

See what the elephants go through before you decide to jump on their back…

In Thailand, Elephants are a significant aspect of culture and are a popular tourist attraction. The training methods inflicted upon these gentle giants is a tragic example of how little these magnificent creatures are respected.

A practice called “Phajaan” is used on these animals where a baby elephant’s spirit is broken so it will be submissive to humans for the rest of its life. The elephant is tied up in a confined pen and beaten mercilessly with sharp instruments. This barbaric practice is used when an elephant is around four years old and usually the calf is never reunited with its mother. Even if they do meet again, the mother does not recognize its now despondent and heartbroken baby.

The Majority of Thailand’s Elephants are captive and have endured this horrific treatment. These elephants give rides to tourists, perform, or even beg on the streets for sympathetic tourists to pay to feed them.

Elephants are highly emotional animals, in fact they share many of our own feelings. Their moods are visible through their expressions such as sunken eyes and drooping ears. They form close- knit bonds with their herds and if a family member dies they will actually cover the body with leaves and are known to revisit the site. In Thai culture elephants are iconic symbols of power and strength. In Buddhism a white elephant represents the mental strength achieved after taming the mind.It is tragic to know that Thailand’s symbol for strength is being broken and heartlessly tortured. Tourists must be more aware of the corrupt industry they are feeding when they travel to Thailand, this cruel practice should not be supported by anyone.

In Chiang Mai there is an elephant nature park which is a sanctuary for sick or injured elephants and tourists can visit this place and donate money to a good cause. Elephants respond to gentle training methods and can form close bonds with humans.

if you support animal testing, you are supporting this. Does this look right to you? Can this ever be justified?


Children always know the truth. There is no age too young to hear the truth of our animals and their suffering. Children are resilient and they can handle the truth… Be a hero for your child and give them the chance to choose… give them the truth… this child is precious.

This makes me so angry. How cab you force a child to eat an animal when even they can see it’s wrong!?

Look what I found in Urban Outfitters ^_^ #vegan life ♡

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