London, i miss you. Gonna see you again so soon! xxx #excited

Lunch. #vegan

Breakfast #vegan

Ahhhhhh! This guy makes my heart smile. I can’t wait to see you again babe. A day away feels like forever.. Not long at all now. ● 3● ●﹏●

Hi from Singapore’s tallest trees. 0_0

Thai #vegan food from Whole Earth in Singapore. Hellsyeahhh!

We hung with wild monkeys in their natural home today. Jungles. So precious! The brave little babies surrounded me, tugged at my dress and wouldn’t stop licking my legs 😝 haha

Tree top climbing. Woah!

Afternoon tea. (ノ^^)乂(^^ )ノ

silverled asked:
Hey there, I love your blog that I just discovered and you hair! May I ask what you used to dye and (i'm assuming) bleach it? Thanks! :)

Thank you!!! Manic Panic and there’s another one but I have forgotten the name. Sorry, I’ll send it to you when I get back to London. :) X

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