I found a bug…. @_@

my Boloño

Stickers are going up everywhere for the British heartless foundation. People need to know what this ‘charity’ invests in. Animal cruelty.

Update on the injured baby bird I found.

I just called to check and he’s gonna be ok guys!!! :D  he’s very wet and lost a lot of feathers, maybe from a seagull attack, not too sure… They said I saved his life because he would have died overnight due to being so wet and the lack of feathers and all the thorns I pulled out. They are looking after him at the centre and they are such lovely people who really do care! It’s so hard to find rescue centres in London for birds and other small wildlife so I have offered to volunteer there too  thanks for all your kind messages everyone 

Was out on my terrace and some kids along the canal were saying “urghhh it’s still alive”.. Went to check it out and found this poor injured baby pigeon shaking and crying! :’( I’ve taken him in and on my way to meet a rescue volunteer with him who will take him to the bird wildlife protection centre. Hope he’s going to be okay with all my heart <3

Made us a shelter from the storm. ^_^

Thankful for blackets in my bag.

Thankful for trees. These babies are so scared of this weather.

Hinding from the storm


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